The Chosen

When Dr. Karen Fuller signed up for a humanitarian mission into the vast jungles of Africa, she had no way of knowing that the fears she had been running from for the past six months would pale in comparison to the utter terror she and the other doctors were about to encounter.

The evil in the mist haunts their tortured souls, threatening to expose their darkest secrets. The kind of secrets one buries so deep within themselves it eats away at their spirit, leaving them feeling empty and numb.

Their only chance for survival rests in their ability to reach deep into their tattered souls and find the courage to trust once more is a God that they had not been speaking terms for a very long time.  They must look beyond the science, trust in the unknown, and come to terms with the facts that the tragedies of the past held a purpose. They will have to find the will to hold onto the belief that love, trust, blind faith, and forgiveness are not just the answer to their salvation, but for the salvation of humankind.

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